Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good morning, Ladybug.

This morning, I had to wake Ella up for school.

"Ladybug," I said. "Wake up. It's time to get up for school."

She rubbed her eyes, rolled over, then said "Everything comes to life when..."

"What?" I asked, rubbing her back.

She looked at me with a face that I love. She has the most amazing "morning" face. She looks so rested and her eyes are so full of peace.

"What did you say, honey?" I asked her.

She looked off into space as if she was going to choose her next words very carefully. "Everything comes to life. Everything comes to life when I just dream about them."

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lazy day

I think everyone needs a day now and then where they do absolutely nothing. No phone calls, chores, or errands. Today was one of those days for me.

Ella had a mild cold, then 2 days later, Grayson got it. So last night, he decided to get up about 4 (of course I took a nap yesterday, which meant I didn't get to sleep until 1) and I was too tired to deal with his "I'm-awake-let's-play-jump-eat-watch tv" craziness. I turned on cartoons and took cat naps on the couch while he crawled all over me.

It was no surprise when Grayson crashed out for his nap about 10 o'clock this morning. I decided to take his nap time to hang out with Ella. We watched "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium," and ate homemade Rice Krispie treats, made with the new Krispies that are 3x bigger and have a hint of honey. (They were okay.)

We had such a good time snuggling on the couch and talking about the movie. Before we knew it, it was lunch time and Grayson was still asleep. I didn't wake him. We stayed on the couch for some more snuggle time watching "Martha Speaks."

Grayson finally woke up about 3, and he was feeling so much better. I gave him his favorite snack, raisins, and then settled on the couch with my two favorite snuggle bugs for a few episodes of "Little Einsteins."

I had lots of things I needed to do today, but I had lots more fun just doing nothing with the kids.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Enjoying the nice weather

We were finally able to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather this weekend. The kids were itching to get out their backyard toys and play. Here's some pictures from Sunday and Monday.

This is my new favorite photo of Ella.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

How do I know he really loves me?

My husband loves to watch movies. He has the preferred members card at Blockbuster. I think he rents 3-4 a week. I have two major problems with his rental addiction:

1. We pay over a hundred dollars a month to get every channel on DirecTV. I don't even know how many movie channels we have. It's crazy. He should be saving his money on rentals, and using the DVR more.

2. He never rents movies I want to see. He likes his stupid parody movies such as Meet the Spartans, and Scary Movie. He likes violent movies such as Crank, Transporter, and The Dark Knight. He likes horror movies, and luckily, so do I. But does he ever bring home a romantic comedy for me? Hardly ever. I think the last one he brought home was Fool's Gold. It was ok, but I think he just wanted to see Kate Hudson's ass. How can I blame him really....she has a nice ass. Really, I wish my ass looked like hers.

He came home on Friday with 3 movies. I don't know why I get my hopes up when he says he rented movies. I'm always looking for something that will make me say, "Oh honey! You actually got something for me!" This trip brought home: Beverly Hills Chihuahua, My Best Friend's Girl, and Body of Lies. The first movie was for Ella. The second was one he had previously rented, but not had a chance to see. The third movie was one that I thought I might actually like, but I still heard myself say, "You didn't get something I would want to watch?"

His reply was quick, and his motions fast. Without skipping a beat he said, "Since I didn't get a movie for you, I got you these instead." He whips out a box of candy. Not just any candy, mind you. Twilight Sweethearts!!

I was in shock. Not only had he thought about me, he actually bought me something with the word "Twilight" on it. This from the man who threatened to burn my books because I was so obsessed with reading them, that I ignored all my "duties" around the house.
It's the little things he does that shows how much he cares!