Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Quick update on the kids

What have my kids been up to these days? Let me think?

Ella has a new friend, Cara. She wants to be just like her, so much so that to copy Cara's ankle bracelet, she put a few hair bands on her ankle. I made her take them off for fear of loss of circulation to her foot!

Grayson has learned to spit, and feels the need to do it all the time. Tonight he spit on on coffee table, then covered it up with a pillow. I watched the whole thing with disbelief.

Ella got a Tag reading system for Christmas, and is now excited because, "I can read, Mommy!"

Grayson finally got his train table. He saw one in a Toys R Us ad about two months ago, and became OBSESSED. He opened an early Christmas present from Verizon, and threw it across the room after discovering it WASN'T a train table.

Ella thinks that the answer to every question is located in my computer. When she asks me a question that I don't know the answer to, she says, "Let's find out on the computer! It knows everything!"

Grayson loves to sing the ABC song. Often, throughout the day, you can hear him singing it, and it makes you smile every time! He can also count to 20, but I'm not bragging, or anything.

Ella: "Mommy, how old are you?"
Me: "Thirty-two."
Ella: "Wow. You've had A LOT of birthdays!"

Grayson also attempts to sing Jingle Bells and Rudolph, and again....I smile.