Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ella is busy, busy, busy!

This week has been filled with least for Ella. It was a week filled with tee ball, swimming lessons, and summer camp. Poor Grayson, though, just got to hang out.

Monday's tee ball game was cancelled due to rain. And the rain is another issue for another day. Let's just say Mother Nature and I are on the "outs." Friday is Ella's last tee ball game of the summer. I can't believe she's done already! She seemed to enjoy it, but who knows. She's 5. She changes her opinion every 30 minutes!

Tuesday was the first swim lesson of the summer at Miller Aquatics. She was super excited! She loves the water. However she's still a little apprehensive about putting her head all the way in the water. We made sure that she was in the same session as one of our friends from C.A.R.E. in hopes that it might make it more fun. It's always easier to go into a new situation if you know someone else, right? When we got there, a little boy from her preschool class was there too. She's sorta indifferent to B. Sometimes she says he's nice, but mostly she stays away from him because he's "mean."

Wednesday, Ella had her first taste of summer camp. She is attending Eco Adventure Camp at Homer Lake. It's only one day a week for 1 1/2 hours, but it's still camp. Again, she was very excited, and again, we had a friend sign up for the same class. One of the boys from preschool, Bryson, is also in the camp class. In fact, because his mom runs a home daycare, I offered to take Bryson to and from camp for her. And again, when we got there, we discovered another boy from her preschool enrolled in this camp. What's humorous, is that the other boy, Andrew, is the boy who Ella had decided 9 months ago was to be her husband. Now, she's decided she's going to marry Bryson. (Collin was in between these two, BTW) I'm fine with her new choice. Bryson is adorable, nice, and doesn't seem to be one of those "mean" boys. And the fact that I like his family puts icing on the cupcake! (I didn't much care for Andrew's family).
Today, she had another swim lesson. Her teacher said that she was head-under a few times today. Yes! My hope is that by the end of summer, she'll be able to actually move a few feet under water - actually swimming!

Tomorrow we are hoping to get a playdate in with Ella's best friend, Eleni and her family. It's going to be a hot one, so I'm thinking a trip to the park early in the morning might be our best bet. Eleni's younger brother is a few months younger than Grayson, so both of my kids get someone to play with. It doesn't hurt that Eleni's mom, Sarah, is super-nice too!

There is a summer festival at Ella's preschool tomorrow night. (I probably should stop calling it "Ella's preschool" since she's done with it, but oh well). There is going to be food, bouncies, a dog Frisbee show of some sort, and other random stuff. But with it being the last night of tee ball, I'm thinking we'll skip the festival.

So while Ella is having all this fun, poor Grayson is just hanging out with me. I had planned on taking him on a nature hike while she was at camp Wednesday. However, Grayson injured his toe on Tuesday afternoon. I have no idea how it happened, but he tore a chunk of skin off the bottom of his toe while playing in our backyard. It's bandaged, and is finally starting to harden over, but I wasn't going to chance him stepping in a mud puddle and soaking it. He was not happy about not getting to go on a hike, but he got over it. Plus, he gets super sweaty feet, and no band-aid would have held up to that! I'm letting him out of his "cage" (he had to sit in the car with me today at swim lessons) to run and play tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers the toe will be fine.