Monday, March 8, 2010

Ella is a walking commercial

Ella loves to talk. She loves to sing. She loves to hum...especially at the dinner table while she's eating. It drives me crazy, but it's a little cute too. She makes up her own songs and melodies all the time.

When she was younger, she would sing commercial jingles. At first it was just a few lines from the commercial, then it progressed to the whole thing. One of her favorites is the "Five Dollar Footlong" song from the Subway commercials.

This morning, I heard her reciting something familiar. I had her repeat it, and I almost fell over laughing. I made her do it again so I could get a video, and here it is:

"You cut, rip and tear. But your brownies never turn out square. Need a hand? Now there's brownie pan!"